I am fascinated by skies, forests, water and fields but also by doors, windows, finials, and structures built of wood, brick and stone.

Like many other Atlantic Canadian artists, I have chosen to work in 'the realist tradition'. While many may see this as a constraint, I have been able to push and pull the boundaries of this style to suit my personal vision.

As a student, my focus was on printmaking and today my paintings still possess a linear quality reminiscent of a printmaker. I build colour in layers to achieve subtleties of tone and temperature which add depth and luminosity to my work. I am always trying to uncover and highlight the magical interplay between light, shadow, texture, depth and colour. The addition of oil paint to the acrylic base of my paintings enhances their spatial complexities.

I enjoy painting objects with interesting colours, surface details and textures. I like the challenge of creating the interplay between light and shadow on these surfaces and exploring how this dynamic can create both depth and interest in the paintings. I also find the subtle interactions between the complex decorative elements and embossed patterns found in the various materials and objects I paint very satisfying.

Door Latches.JPG